– Flexibility Test and Stretch Routine

*This video and test was originally modified from Fitness Magazine Sept. 2010 issue  “Flex Time”

Flexibility Test


This is a video going through a few tests to determine how flexible you are along with stretches that target those specific areas.  For some of the tests I mention having a ruler but if you don’t have one, grab a towel you don’t mind marking up and use that to measure distance.

Make sure to write down your numbers and see how you test.  Don’t judge, just assess and find out which areas you are more flexible and which areas you should focus on stretching more.




Add up the numbers and at the end of the quiz


  • Shoulders & Chest
    • GOOD: hands touch or within 3-5 inches of each other
    • FAIR: hands within 6-8 inches of each other
    • POOR: hands are more than 8 inches of each other

Stretch: GOAL POST

  • Calves
    • GOOD:  Ball of foot moves 2-3 inches from wall
    • FAIR:  Ball of foot moves 1-2 inches from wall
    • POOR:  Can’t get to 90 degrees with knees straight

Stretch: GUM SHOE

  • Obliques  
    • GOOD:  Pen mark at mid-knee or lower
    • FAIR:  Pen mark at top of knee
    • POOR:  Pen mark higher than knee


  • Lower Back
    • GOOD:  Hands can reach your ankles or feet
    • FAIR:  Hands can reach your mid-shin or just above ankles
    • POOR:  Hands can only reach area between your knees and mid-shin


Key points:  If you have wrist issues, go onto your forearms.  Press chest down, lift hips high and press into hamstrings.

  • Hamstrings
    • GOOD:  Leg is straight
    • FAIR:  Knees is bent 20 degrees
    • POOR:  Knee is bent more than 20 degrees


Key points:  Keep thinking of tight core and stretching your head towards your feet

  • Inner Thighs
    • GOOD:  Heels are 4 inches from your groin
    • FAIR:  Heels are 5-8 inches from your groin
    • POOR:  Heels are 9 or more inches from your groin


Key Points:  if you are tight in this area, practice often!  Place elbows on knees to make it more challenging.

  • Hips
    • GOOD:  Thigh is parallel to floor;  knee is directly out to side
    • FAIR:  Thigh is parallel;  knee is slightly in front of body
    • POOR:  Thigh is lower than parallel;  knee is slightly in front of body

Stretch:  LOW LUNGE


29-36 Loosey Goosey:  Keep up the good work, and maintain this good flexibility!

20-28 Room to grow:  Good base flexibility, work on spots that are “fair” or “poor” using techniques in video above

12-19 Taut Tammy:  Try to stretch 4-6 times a week.  Get in the habit of stretching when you get out of bed, and before and after each workout.

Check out my video below, “Beginners Stretch Routine”, which goes over the types of stretching you should do before and after your workouts.

One thought on “– Flexibility Test and Stretch Routine

  1. Drena, I love this. Thank you!!! (I scored 14!! 😦 ) But I have a question. How do you get a possible high of 36 points when there are only 7 tests and the highest you can score on each is 3?

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