– Upper Body Home Workout


Nobody wants flabby arms.  And if Madonna can do it in her fifties, you bet your booty you can too.  This is a quick little 10 minute workout that will get you started.  Don’t let the short length fool you, the burn is inevitable and the exercises are efficient, utilize multiple muscle groups, and very effective.  Modifications are available during the video and in the description of the exercises below, so whatever level you are at, be it beginner to advanced, this workout has something to offer and will challenge you 🙂  Be advised, you might start to intimidate your friends and coworkers with your newly developed bis and tris…


  • Plank with alternating rows (1 minute)
  • Childs pose (Rest 30 sec)
  • Dip kicks Left Leg (1 minute)
  • Shoulder stretch (30 seconds)
  • Dip kicks Right Leg (1 minute)
  • Shoulder stretch (30 seconds)
  • Pilates push up – Right leg (30 seconds)
  • Childs pose (Rest 30 seconds)
  • Pilates push up – Left leg (30 seconds)
  • Childs pose (Rest 30 seconds)
  • Rocking plank (30 seconds)
  • Downward Dog to Upward Dog with Left Leg extended (45 seconds)
  • Childs pose (15 seconds)
  • Downward Dog to Upward Dog with Right Leg Extended (45 seconds)
  • Childs pose (15 seconds)
  • Tricep and shoulder stretches – right arm
  • Tricep and shoulder stretches – left arm




  • Plank with alternating rows – works shoulders, chest, triceps, core, and back (modify on knees)
  • Childs Pose – releases/stretches chest and shoulders, opens up lower back and hips
  • Dip Kicks – work triceps, shoulders, chest, abs, quads and hamstrings  (modify without kick, keep feet in closer to make it easier and walk feet further away from body to increase difficulty)
  • Pilates push up – work chest, shoulders, and triceps (modify on one or both knees) *KEEP CORE TIGHT, DON’T SINK HIPS WHEN FATIGUED!)
  • Rocking planks – work chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and back (modify by just doing plank, dropping to knees, but keep hips and lower back in line with shoulders and hips – keep core engaged!)
  • Downward dog  – strengthens arms, shoulders, and core; stretches calves, hamstrings, glutes, and back (modify without leg raised, drop to elbows if too much pressure on wrists)
  • Upward dog – strengthens spine, arms, and wrists; stretches chest and lower back (modify without leg raised or keep hips on ground and drop to elbows to alleviate pressure on wrists)

2 thoughts on “– Upper Body Home Workout

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