Training Videos

Check out the drop down menu for detailed descriptions of each video along with muscle groups worked and modifications!


Beginners:   1 round

Intermediate:  2 rounds

Advanced:  3 rounds

  • Don’t have time?  You have 8 minutes, right?  Try this at home, no equipment needed!
  • 10 minute tabata routine 
  • Quick and (not) easy 
  • 20 minute high intensity interval training
  • 10 minute interval training routine


  • Full Body Kettlebell Workout

If you have kettlebells, use them!  If not, grab 2 gallon jugs of water (approx 8 pounds each) and press play!

3 thoughts on “Training Videos

  1. Hey Dena, just wanted to say thank you for your very do-able workouts and motivation! I’ve always been energetic and enjoyed working out and have had experience with a lot of different kinds of fitness trends. Over the past couple of years though I’ve lagged because of being cast into a care-giver’s role and becoming housebound. I kept looking at all kinds of videos and thinking I need to get moving. But I didn’t and ended up adding an unbelievable number of pounds. Recently I chanced across your vids on youtube and your site and bingo, I’m working out again! Got a long way to go, but your sensible routine and cheerful smile are of immense help. Thank you again!

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