Well howdy folks, thanks for visiting my page!  I’m just a regular gal doing the 9-5 thing (although I wouldn’t label me as “normal” by any stretch of the imagination).  I tend to be very passionate about subjects I care about, and want to share workouts and ideas that make a healthy lifestyle fun and easily attainable.

Enter fitness.   A journey that changes and is shaped by our lives.

Growing up, I was fortunate to have a very active family.  I played all types of sports even though I wasn’t particularly good at any of them, my family was pretty healthy, ran marathons, and worked out consistently which set a good example for my siblings and I.   When I went off on my own to college, I started off exercising pretty consistently but as the years went by and life happened my attention to my health and wellness dwindled to an all time low.  As I worked to overcome an eating disorder, negativity had overshadowed my life.

Then I made a choice.  I decided to change.

Through an internship in the last 2 summers of college, I applied the principles of sales training to shift my paradigm and begin to use positivity.  I bought in, and with regained confidence began to work towards my goals with fervor, without abandon.  I realized that I can’t control everything, but my attitude is my choice.  Decide to be effing happy.  I am grateful.  I appreciate this gift of life and the body I have that is able to go outside and run and I have the freedom to choose where I workout and what I do.  I do strength & conditioning, martial arts, explore the outdoors.  I run, I do yoga…I hike, swim, play sports.  And still, I’m not particularly good at any of them.  But so what?

Hopefully my passion towards this is infectious and that I can share the happiness it brings me.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dena

    I am following your workout videos on youtube.
    I am preparing for half marathon in oct 13. Can you guide me for diet plan and some tips be taken care as race is on hillside. I had already ran half marathon in 2 hr 06 mins.

    1. I will start posting more recipes, but for now I’d definitely start cleaning up what you eat. Avoid foods with lots of sodium, sugar, gluten, and most processed foods. Eat fish a few times a week and try to add veggies with high nutritional value, such as sweet potatoes and kale. Season food with herbs, garlic, lemon/lime instead of salt and butter. Fish oil and ginger are great anti-inflammatory foods after long runs. Example for breakfast would be eggs (or egg whites), greek yogurt with berries and cinnamon, and an avocado with lime juice. Start eating 4-5 smaller meals a day, and keep a food journal to see how you are affected by what you eat.

  2. That is wonderful that you are so active. You know what? I used to be very active, but I’ve realized that for the last couple of years being active means doing a lot of walking and nothing else. Years ago active meant to me, biking, running, playing racketball, weight lifting. Thanks for being an inspiration:)

  3. Hi Dena,
    I’ve been doing your workouts at home when I don’t have the time or energy to make it to the gym. I’ve been in a workout slump for the last year. I’m a full time college student and it’s hard to balance study time and gym time. Any advice on how to get back into my normal gym routine?

    1. Every little bit helps… that’s what I always tell myself when I have a hard time finding the motivation to workout when I’m tired or overworked. Ten minutes, ten pushups, a thirty second jumping jack study break every thirty minutes will not only help boost your energy levels but make it easier to find more time to workout.

      And working out increases cognitive function so it’ll help you learn in college as well 🙂

  4. Thanks so much, I found you on Psyche Truth. I used to teach yoga many years ago. Then I tore the rotator cuff and I was prohibited to do yoga, so I started running. The pain continued, my neck hurt all the time, I had a headache every day. It was so bad that I didn’t even swim anymore, my second nature. Then I found relief in the form of Neuromuscular Therapy, performed by an eager 24 just out of school. I am feeling better and I am back to yoga. And your videos are helping a lot.

  5. Hi Dena, I just started following your videos on PsycheTruth (love them). You mentioned a calendar to help balance strength, stretching and cardio, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The hardest thing for me is figuring out what to work on that day. Please let me know if it still exists anywhere. Thank you so much for all you do.

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