Oh Kale Yeah: 5 reasons you’re missing out on this superfood 

“What is kale”

No really it’s a good question. An even better one is “now that I know what kale is HOW DO I MAKE IT TASTE GOOD”. Don’t worry. I got you.


Kale has made an emergence into the health food market and taken its rightful stand next to spinach and broccoli as a cruciferous green leafy veg.

So what’s all the fuss about? Here’s a brief rundown:

1. Anti-aging – Literally king of antioxidants, it has one of the highest ORAC ratings which measures a foods ability to combat free radicals. Vitamin C, vitamin K (bones & blood clotting), vitamin A & beta carotene which is essential in hair, nails, and skin growth. Boom.

2. Fights cancer and heart disease (the #1,  2, and 3rd cause of death in America) – Kale is high in potassium which reduces risk for heart disease and diabetes. Fiber lowers cholesterol, alpha-lipoic acid lowers glucose levels and helps prevent cell damage, and organosulfur helps break down cancer cells. Boom.

3. Anti-inflammatory – Omega-3 fatty help protect joints with arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

4. Great for detox & digestion – Aids liver in detox with high levels of sulfur. Three grams of protein per cup and 2.5 grams of fiber helps keep you full longer and manage blood sugar.

5. Helps brain & bones – Folate (or B9) is plays a role in brain development and is essential for expecting women, iron & calcium helps prevent bone loss, help metabolism , and vitamin K helps improve calcium absorption

Plus it’s super easy to grow! Sunlight and a pot of dirt and you’re good to grow. That’s a row of kale right in the middle of my garden next to the empty rows (my spinach did not grow so well…)

No matter how you make it, kale is good for you. Sautéed, chopped and added to salads, dehydrated, marinated, you name it. Wanna know some quick & easy recipes to make King Kale palatable? Check out the next post to get the most from this super superfood.


2 thoughts on “Oh Kale Yeah: 5 reasons you’re missing out on this superfood 

  1. I would just add that kale weakens the function of thyroid gland so those with a reduced function of the thyroid gland should not consume kale too often as well as broccoli and cauliflower or at least they should cook it well.

    1. I’ve got a lot of details I left out intentionally… didn’t want to overwhelm. There will be a more in depth post soon and I will make sure to mention that!

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