When is YOUR leg day?

So before you hit up that trendy new bar (or your best friends couch) for Wine Down Wednesday, how about burning a few calories and getting long, lean summer-ready legs? You can probably drink wine WHILE doing this workout.... https://youtu.be/qJpeXz_BwRM?t=6s Part 1 of a four part leg series that builds on itself from the most … Continue reading When is YOUR leg day?

Six Things You Should Know About Acro Yoga

What are these monkeys doing? You might have heard of the new-ish trend gracing our nation's parks, yoga studios, and generally anywhere people can put down mats and hop on someone's feet. Yoga and acrobatics unite with a practice at least a decade old, although playing on feet has been around since forever (think balancing … Continue reading Six Things You Should Know About Acro Yoga