Choose your own adventure workout: Part 6 – Core & Cardio

Whaaaa… we’re at the finale of the 6 part Choose Your Own Adventure workouts. Get it… it’s Friday and you know you need a damn workout before you start happy hour at 3 PM.

DESCRIPTION This is the last of a 6 part choose -your-own-adventure style workout series. This one has it all… cardio, core, arms, legs.. you name it. All you need is 8 minutes and you got yourself a full body workout. Don’t you worry if you don’t have weights… grab some bottles of water, cans of veggies, or small children. No excuses… you can fit this workout in quicker than a game of candy crush.

The exact time the workout starts in each video is listed so you can skip past the brief intro and get on with the workout, or take the 30-45 second rest.


  • set of light weights (use water bottles, bodyweight, or any item 1-10 pounds that you can hold)


  • Workout starts at 0:22
  • Burpee Knee Tuck/Shoulder Press (40 sec)
  • Switch Step (30 sec)
  • Open Crunch (30 sec)
  • Wall Kick (30 sec each leg)
  • Single Leg Squat and Lunge (30 sec each leg)



  • Burpee Knee Tuck/Shoulder Press – Works glutes, arms,  and core, and CARDIO.  Modify by putting knee on ground (with mat/blanket padding if knee problems) and step forward to plank instead of jumping.  ALIGNMENT: Keep wrist in line with the shoulder and tuck tailbone underneath during plank.
  • Switch Step – Works cardio.  Modify by slowing down pace and knee raises instead of jumping. FORM: Keep feet under hips when landing SOFTLY on balls of feet, keep knees bent.
  • Open Crunch – Works core.  MODIFY: keep heels on ground, lower arm range of movement land softly on the balls of the feet,
  • Wall Kick – Works cardio, thighs, legs, core, glutes. MODIFY: Slower pace, hold wall and bend knee to work on balance.
  • Single Leg Squat and Lunge (30 sec each leg) – Works legs (quads and hamstrings), core. MODIFY: Change pace, increase/decrease single leg squat depth and speed, adjust (inc/dec) range of motion with lunge.

3 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure workout: Part 6 – Core & Cardio

  1. Wow, Dena. What a transformation. I mean you already looked fantastic before but the definition, the tan, it all came together. If you ever do personal one on one training, let me know!

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