If your gym could kick you out… would they?

I need to be pushed.  I need to be challenged.  And most of all, I need to be told “You can do more.”

You right coach.  Don’t put up with my excuses.

No one puts the fear of god into me like my coaches.  No one I’d rather make prouder.  No one whom I’d rather hear call my name in encouragement, accomplishment, and esteem.  No one I’d rather be more afraid of disappointing than my own father.

I went in to a training session and was warming up for the first few minutes.  When the class was scheduled to start the coach came to the dry erase board and described the movements, mostly a circut type workout.  He looked at each and every one of us and said “you will transition from one movement to the next with no break.  If you need a break, take no rest in transition and do one rep.  Take five breaths if you need, but get right back on it.

The next words chilled me to the bone.

coach moore intense

“If you come in from the run, and you rest between your next movements, I’ll make you do 10 burpees.  If you take a break the second time, it’ll be 20 burpees.  The third time, I’ll send you home, because…

you already told me twice that you don’t want to work.




2014 coach saenz yelling
Coach Saenz motivating an athlete


What if your gym told you that? What if THAT was the preface to every zumba, yoga, and “booty blasting” boot camp workout?  Do you think you’d work a little harder?  Push yourself a little more on that last rep, make less excuses, and leave it all in the gym, the workout class, the box, or even your home garage?  How much would your workout, your effort, and your demeanor change if you had to face consequences for quitting?  For giving less than your best?

Well you better believe every rep I came in from that run I was hauling butt to get to my next exercise.  At the end of the session I was huffing and puffing and red in the face.

Coach came up to me and gave me a fist as confirmation of approval of my work.

High fiiiive.

So I feel like a badass.

I challenge you all to pretend there’s a coach like mine keeping a watchful eye, yelling encouragement on your last rep/lap, and calling you out from across the gym when you cut corners.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel yourself growing stronger.

jake shirt

Getting faster.

And becoming just that much harder to kill.


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