I’M HURT! How to stay healthy and recover quickly with an injury.

Uh oh! A combination of coming back and hitting it hard after a three month hiatus, a *little* dehydration over Labor day weekend, and overall neglecting of how tight and overworked my muscles were at the time.

knee injury

So lifestyle can influence your body? Affect inflammation levels and make you more prone to swelling, pain, and bruising, more succeptible to injury, sickness, and other ailments?


Which brings me back to the reason I work out. It’s not to get skinny, to fit in certain clothes or a typecast body type.  I want to feel good.  Be strong, healthy, and active for years and years.  The looking hot part is an added benefit.

The months of June-August I took it easy and came back to my gym to face 3 weeks of heavy hitting weights.  I toughed it out for a few weeks but an angry meniscus rebelled and decided, and some other joints around my right knee, that it’d had enough of a beating and wanted me to rest.

Or not walk.  Or walk on crutches with a wrapped up swollen bruised knee.


1. Going too hard too soon back in to the gym.  Pushing too hard and loading too heavy.

2. Neglecting ample time to warm up and cool down.


4.  Becoming lax on my clean eating streak and not fueling my body to perform

knee 2014-08 02 knee 2014-08









1. Go easy and don’t be afraid to start light when you come back from time off at the gym.  Re learn what it’s like to push yourself, familiarize yourself with your effort levels (what does it mean to go 100% vs 90%, can you maintain 50-75% effort for longer periods of time?)

2.  Get to the gym early, asses the workout, and prep accordingly.  Do extra warm up stretches and mobility work based upon the workout.

3. Incorporate durability and myofascial release (using foam roller and lacross/tennis/baseball balls) to break up the fascia and improve my weak areas such as ankle mobility, tight muscles, and lack of range of motion.

4.  Clean up my eating.  Less sugar, processed foods, and alcohol.  More veggies, starchy complex carbs and lean proteins


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