VOTE. Get off your ass and DO SOMETHING.

Today is the day.

In 1920 women’s suffrage ended when the 19th amendment was signed allowing women the right to vote.

In 1965 LBJ signed the voting rights act to prevent racial discrimination in voting.


Why have we become so complacent?  We’re the bitchiest and laziest generation.  Get off your ass today and DO something about it.


– Vote

– Your research (both sides of the issues)

– Respect other people’s opinions

– Decide for yourself who/what issues are important and make a decision where you stand



– Vote soley along party lines

– Not vote

– Ever complain again about traffic, zoning, and decisions made by politicians if you don’t TAKE ACTION to make your opinion and voice heard.  (Facebook and social media platforms don’t count, whiners)

– Use FB and social media platforms as a way to change things.  Sure the Kony 2012 and ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 sure rocked my wall, but now you have a chance to affect what’s happening in your backyard.

– Be lazy and complacent.  Unless you’re content with the status quo.  But are you really?

– Vote based upon advertisements, signs, and biased acquaintences without educating yourself about the issues at hand


Local elections are the one place you can make a difference.  Educate yourself on BOTH sides of the issues.  If you don’t utilize today and make your voice count, you don’t deserve the right to complain about things you could have changed.


By unknown. Photographer: Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, Texas [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Featured Image Credits:

By Chris 73 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons



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