LinderKids – MY ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Follow Up

So here it is!  My follow up to the “ALS ice bucket challenge” like 5 years too late.  I know I like “write a blog” and need to “be relevant” but I battle jumping on the bandwagon and love to live in my bubble.  I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones, refuse to read “50 Shades”, and intentionally pronounce the “Kardashians” incorrectly.  It’s better this way… if my friends are tired of hearing me go on about wearing sunscreen, can you imagine if I was a Twilight fan?

I like being different, but I was nominated (thanks Billy & Joey), so below are the causes that hit closer to home:

linder kids


A personal friend has been working tirelessly out in San Diego to build a not for profit charity to help foster children.  I believe her passion and dedication to this program will cause it to succeed and positively change the lives of those in the program and those that work with her and I trust that my money will be well spent under her leadership.

Donate here to make a difference in a single person; to touch one child’s life.  And not in a creepy Chris Hansen felony jail time way:

INDIEGOGO DONATION SITE – Ashley Linder’s not for profit organization dedicated to building community and developing leadership skills and confidence in foster children through fitness 

Linder Kids – not for profit charity that supports growth and development of foster children through community and health and fitness.

linder kids



There was a local school that reached out to my company for donations to help pay for kid’s school supplies.  Every penny of that went straight to those kids and they got to go shopping with their sponsors before school started.

inder kids

Really, just do something.  Once a week.  Something that is selfless, pay it forward, and create some good karma that you don’t expect anything back.  Buy someone coffee, compliment a stranger, stop and help someone in need.  Make a society and world worth living in, don’t just whine about it.

Those are the moments I am proud to be a human being.



2 thoughts on “LinderKids – MY ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Follow Up

  1. I heard about your Project on News 8 (ref: Taste of Coronado, Wed, 15 Oct) and looked it up Online. It sounds like a positive beginning of a GREAT effort to assist our San Diego foster children. I’ll bet the responses you receive are positive (from the children themselves) and I as a citizen of SD (Mission Hills) Thank You. I am interested in what costs you have, what projects are ongoing and/or scheduled. And, finally, are you associating with CASA another program I support. Thank you so much for being proactive and taking a positive action for these KIDS.

    1. I can get you in touch with the girl who started the not for profit (her name is Ashley Linder) as I am not involved in operations for LinderKids. She’s a friend of mine and moved out to San Diego a year ago and it’s a challenging endeavor so she can use support from people like you! They are on facebook as “LinderKids” and she can be found on there as well, and I’m sure she would appreciate any local involvement if you message her and find out more details.

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