Austin Fit Magazine August 2014

The Austin Fit Magazine is a locally distributed publication that is one of the reasons I love living here. Not only does it educate the community with articles relating to fitness and nutrition, they feature local athletes and companies and motivate residents to participate in the many activities, races, and events in the area. As a health and wellness advocate, I encourage all of that. Utilize the resources that are available to you!

On that note, my gym Atomic Athlete is featured in this month’s exercises and I’m demonstrating!  How fun 🙂 Check out the pics and click on the link below for demonstrations of the exercises.

AFM Closing the Gap on Lower Body Movements

These movements will introduce variety and core

Check out some of the previews!

2014-07-01 AFM demo2 - Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons


Video demonstrations are available online 🙂


2014-07-01 AFM demo - Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

The video


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