Things are gonna change, I can feel it

 Change stirs emotions…

Almost paralyzed by fear

The chest pressure, heart racing, sweaty palms, harbored anxiety.

Rays of hope shine down pathways of opening doors, and the rush of excitement

pondering the endless possibilities that await.


Quit my old job

Start new job next Monday.

6 weeks of training and dieting for a competition that all comes to a head THIS SATURDAY.  Like today.


Get up, let’s make something happen today.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished.  Revel in the journey.



4 thoughts on “Things are gonna change, I can feel it

  1. Good luck! I have wanted to tell you that you make a difference. I was watching the Psychetruth channel on Youtube a year or two ago and one of your early videos got me thinking about being more active and eating more healthy foods. I think it was your low-key, mellow attitude (for want of a better description) that motivated me. I have lost about 7 lbs. and hope to continue.

  2. Good stuff all around. Your advice is simple, all your videos can be done at home with almost nothing to buy, and best of all it works. You also have a personality people will listen to, so you’re in a good position to help a LOT of people. Looking forward to seeing you grow.

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