My First Triathlon: Registration for the HITS Tri Sprint

So apparently I’m doing a triathlon in April. I’ve resisted long enough. I have decent relationships with swimming, biking, and running, but the thought of doing them in succession and around other people who are trying to do them faster has never really appealed to me.

But this time, instead of my usual “well maybe next time…” I decided to jump on board.  I need something to train for… Something that’ll motivate me to get on a good training schedule.  Something to look forward to and get excited about.

HITS triathlon

So April 27, here I come.  The HITS triathlon series has several different levels, from beginner, sprint, olympic, half and full options.  I’m starting light, so 750 meter swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.2 mile run.  Although in the hill country of Texas, I’d better get started training on some hills.  Like.  Now.

Fortunately I have some good resources at Atomic; more experienced triathletes, a former collegiate swimmer turned swim coach, cyclists, runners, current/former competitors of all kinds (from crossfit to jujitsu, figure competitor to army ranger), sport specific chiropractors, and basically all around mentally fit badasses. Lots of advice and motivation to not chump out during training.

And a lot of motivation to add something to my training regimen.  Try something challenging.  Try a new first…

swim US Armed Forces
Source: Photo by United States Armed Forces ( News Photo 090530-N-1722M-677.jpg) via WikiCommons

And hey, if guys like these are gonna be racing…

…this might not be my last.


The Social Cycling club I joined has Saturday rides to help get me stronger and get to know some of the trails and good routes around town.  And keeping up with other people from the gym who are training for the same race.  Fortunately there is a public swimming pool a mile from my house.  I have no excuses…

Training Schedule January:

Strength and Conditioning – Atomic Athlete 4x/week

Swim – 30 minutes 2x/week

Bike – 1 long (10 mile+ bike)/week

– 2 short (1-5 miles)/week

Run – 2x/week

swim triathlon
Source: (DHL Triathlon Mission Bay 2008.jpg) via WikiCommons
Source: Photo by lucyllas ( via Flickr

This is what I got for the next 2 weeks as I iron out the details.

I’m getting excited…

All right Tuesday I got you.


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