EXCUSES SUCK: Top 10 bad excuses to not exercise

I was taught a few years ago that there are two types of people in this world:  People who get things done, and people who make excuses.

What kind of person are you?

excuses_nikeSo I was asked to participate in a survey on facebook recently (link to the survey can be found here), and have been inspired to write a post based upon what responses were given.  The question posed to all the participants was this:

– – What is your number one reason for not working out/missing a workout? 

Oh, the excuses galore.  My reason was that I stay up too late (working, mostly) and I “postpone” my am workout to the evening.  That’s it.  Of course, as much as the next guy, I have my excuses and moments where I lack motivation.  But I feel guilty when skipping them, so I go.  And eat healthy 80% of the time.  And enjoy an active lifestyle outside the gym on my off days.

Here are some of the highlights.  And my frustrated responses to each.

Top 10 excuses people make for NOT exercising

1.  I don’t have time.  WRONG.  You have 24 hours in the day just like anyone else.   It’s just not a priority.  You can do a 5-20 minute workout in the comfort of your own home, just YouTube one of the thousands of free videos.

2.  I don’t know what to do.  YOU HAVE THE INTERNET.  Use your resources.  And start by going on a walk, a bike ride, or simply parking at the back of the parking lot and taking the stairs.  Everyone starts somewhere.

3.  I’m too old.   WRONG.  My 86 year old nana goes to the Y five times a week and works out.  You’ll actually prevent falling from a lack of core strength, osteoporosis, and age related muscle loss.

4.  I don’t have money for a gym.  COOL.  Read number 1.  The internet has tons of freebies just a-waitin for you to enjoy.

5.  I’m not seeing results.  Well, what are you putting in your body?  Are you getting enough protein?  Fueling yourself properly?  And anything more than 1-2 pounds a week isn’t necessarily healthy.  Have your body fat checked, don’t just look at the scale.

6.  It’s boring.  Boooooooo. Find something you enjoy.  Don’t like running?  Skip it.  Find a yoga or dance cardio class you have fun doing.  Find ways to incorporate activity into your daily life.

7.  I’m too tired.  GOOD NEWS.  Exercise will give you a boost energy.  These cool things called mitochondria (the energy factories of the cell) are created during exercise.  And you’ll sleep like a baby at night, so get to bed on time and quit snoozing your alarm.

8.  I have an injury/my back hurts.  So your knee is out of commission, how are your arms and core?  You can modify pretty much anything and get some simple physical therapy exercises in while you recover.  Also, regular exercise with GOOD FORM is the best way to prevent lower back pain.

9.  I’m socializing instead of working out.  Well the cool thing is there are tons of activities you and your friends can do instead of sit at the bar.  Go bowling.  Kayaking.  Indoor rock climbing.  A trip to an adult “Dave and Busters” type place.  Frisbee golf.  Heck, my friends and I bike to the bars.

10.  I don’t like exercise.  WELL Do you like being fat?  Sorry, I hate that word, but really.  I’m talking to you skinny fat people too.  Looking forward to heart disease and adult onset diabetes?  You don’t just die instantly.  You live a miserable, miserable life.  I don’t like wearing my seatbelt OR a helmet on my bike but it’s better than living with regret.

As George Washington said, it is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.



3 thoughts on “EXCUSES SUCK: Top 10 bad excuses to not exercise

  1. Dena,
    While I realize the survey I posted was public, so there is nothing that can stop you from using my results for your own blog post, I would appreciate it if you would at least link the blog that I write about my survey results once it’s finished.
    I will be writing it this weekend at the close of the survey.
    – Fit4Review

    1. I’ll link to your blog when it’s posted, but I only got 2-3 excuses from that list, and to be honest, I’ve heard all these a thousand times and just needed to vent. It seems that people give excuses and when you give answers and solutions, they only find more excuses why those don’t work. Send me the link on fb and I’ll link back to you!

      1. If you only used a few excuses from my results, and they are excuses you’ve heard before, then I would appreciate it if you just didn’t mention my survey in this blog at all. However, if you decide to leave it be, I will send you the link to the blog once I’ve written it.

        I would just like to make it clear that you’re under no obligation to link my blog whatsoever, but if you continue to site my survey and my results, it would be greatly appreciated.


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