Ridiculous Obstacle Course Race Review: A ROC Star for a Day!

So I’ll never get a chance to be a rock star but I did get the chance to be a ROC star for a day. It was my first time ever participating in the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge here in Austin, TX and ridiculous it was. Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Electric Run, etc. are things I love doing. They challenge me to push to the finish line, achieve the best I can, and have some fun. The ROC is ALL about fun. They don’t time you, you aren’t racing, and it’s simply a wacky physical challenge.

roc race

Right when you pull up, you see the crazy costumes and hear the DJ playing music. At the start line people are buzzing and anxious to get weird. Before you even cross the start line, the grandmaster has you doing out of the box movements to warm you up. My favorite, making a peanut butter and jelly…hard to explain.

The overall feel and energy of the race has been compared to the TV show Wipeout. There is definitely more distance between challenges but being that the focus is fun not time, many people (not all) opt to walk and enjoy watching the other people being silly. This race caters to all fitness levels. As long as you can walk, go up hill, sit down, and stand up, you can complete this challenge. There is no pressure if you want to skip the monkey bars…. This is definitely the most relaxed obstacle challenge I have ever done.

roc race review

IIf you hear of reviews complaining about lines at the obstacles, you might find a few of the challenges that do.  This IS NOT a timed event, and not a competitive race. Most people are excited to chat about the previous challenge with friends and laugh while waiting, and some get a kick watching the people go before them. The longest line I experienced was the wrecking balls. Two huge padded balls that try to knock people into 4 feet of water as they are traveling across padded beams. I laughed so hard watching people and listening to the announcer in his tuxedo speedo, I didn’t even think about the fact I was waiting in line.

roc race review

When I registered, the cost was about $50. We paid $10 to park at the expo center and the experience was totally worth it to me. I would do this challenge again but there are a few other new ones for me I’d like to spend my money on before circling back to this one. I’m a pretty ridiculous person as it is, but I got to bring out the kid in me that day. Water tubing down a hill, tight rope walking, tarzaning a rope, and going down a gigantic waterslide are just a couple of the things that had me leave there smiling.

roc race review

This is a guest blog by Christine Ziegler. 


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