Choose your own adventure-style workout: Part 1- Squat & Press


I’ll be putting out one video every Friday in this series (it’s a six part-er, hang on to your hats folks!) so get excited.  They are also accessible via my “training videos” pages and each page will have links to the other 5 videos so you can truly make it your own workout 🙂

DISCLAIMER*** This is one of my first workout videos so I verbally trip myself up in some pretty profound ways.  I’m a little nervous if you can tell, and DEFINITELY put my foot in my mouth (figuratively) and say things like “you can do me over again” (4:57).  Really, Dena?

Now let’s get on with it and earn those weekend’s calories.

DESCRIPTION This is a 6 part workout and the COOLEST thing is you can pick and choose what type of workout  you want.  You can do all 6 in order, or just one or two.  It is TOTALLY up to you.  Just like those choose your own adventure books from the 90’s. Totally a throwback.

There is some equipment in the exercises but the neat thing is you don’t really need any and I’ll give you at-home or on-the-road options if you don’t have things like weights or jump ropes.  I’ll also indicate the exact time the workout starts in each video so you can skip past the brief intro and get on with the workout, or take the 30 second rest.


  • jump rope (optional)
  • weights (1-10 lbs for women, 5-15 lbs for men)


  • Workout starts at 0:40
  • Kickstand squat (30-40 seconds each side)
  • Glute bridge with flys (1 minute)
  • Jump rope (45 seconds)



  • Kickstand squat – keep chest lifted, modification is to increase/decrease range of motion.  Works glutes, legs, core
  • Glute Bridge with flys – squeeze butt at the top, slow and controlled movement.  Works butt, core, chest, shoulders
  • Jump rope – land softly on the balls of the feet, modify by jumping with one foot at a time OR increase difficulty by adding double unders

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