MOLD and my misery

So I have the fortune of being in pretty decent health and I don’t get sick very often.  When I do, it involves one of two things:  alcohol or allergies.  As I get older, the mistakes involving alcohol become fewer and farther in between.  I learn things like appropriate food and water intake before/during/after alcohol intake, and to avoid sugary drinks that don’t sit well with my stomach.

On a health nut note, if you must drink, sticking to clear liquids such as vodka and soda with a splash of lime is the least obtrusive (at least in terms of caloric and gluten content) drink to imbibe.

This time, it’s allergies.  We have had the blessing of rain amongst this period of drought, but in the late summer a few things tend to happen.  One is that stagnant water produces a plethora of mosquitoes and the other is that things like allergens get spread around and stirred up.  This time, it was mold.

Once thought mainly as the bane of humid households and old carpets, these suckers come from outside in and cause all sorts of problems such as sneezing and stuffy noses.

I didn’t really notice anything Monday but a little stopped up nose, and then I went to train at the gym.  My gym happens to be non air-conditioned so they open the garage doors and turn on fans to circulate the air.  Normally that’s ok… I don’t go to Atomic Athlete for the amenities.  I go for the programming, coaching, and community.

This time the exposure to the open air and the particularly difficult strength session got the better of me, and Monday night and Tuesday I was a particular mess… I couldn’t sleep well Monday night and was exhausted all day Tuesday and my throat felt like I was swallowing sandpaper.  I couldn’t quite figure out why until many of my friends had the same symptoms and the news reported sky high mold counts.

Apparently drainage will cause a sore throat, and nasal stoppage will cause a lack of good REM sleep which in turn leads to daytime fatigue.

Aaahhhh… so now we know.  Popped a mucinex today for the drainage, and tonight before bed I’m gonna be under the influence of some good ol’ OTC Zyrtec.  Definitely have to wait until brain functions are no longer required before popping that bad boy, because no brain functions work properly when I am under the influence.  No DUI for driving under the influence of allergy meds for this girl.  Not today.

Do you have seasonal allergies?  If so, what do you do to prevent and treat them?

I hear you can anticipate these things and treat the symptoms before they start.  Next year I’ll pay closer attention.

Photo credits:

Featured photo By Martin Cilenšek (Scan from Naše škodljive rastline (1892)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


8 thoughts on “MOLD and my misery

  1. I have spring season allergies. Pollen allergies. I get hit by asthma in March at Dallas, TX every year. I have to go to doctor and get steriod shot. Luckily, I didn’t take have to take it last year but i got severe cold. Doctor said the only permanent way to get rid of this is to move away from Dallas where pollen is very high. I will see what happens next summer. Hopefully, I will develop resistance to this pollens sometime :-).
    Good to hear you have ways to alleviate the symptoms.

    1. My allergies were HORRIBLE when I moved to Austin… sneezing, sniffling, and teary eyes every day. I hear that if you anticipate your allergen of choice is about to hit, you can take meds to alleviate symptoms before they begin. I’ll keep an eye out next time for the mold count and let you know if it works!

  2. Aha! No wonder I have had an itchy nose and been sneezing. I only take allergy meds when I have to, like cedar season. Allegra is the best. Zyrtec makes be feel out of it.

    1. I would have just thought I was sick but some of my friends mentioned allergies… it’s funny when we find out the cause, we can actually act on the correct diagnosis!

      I try to avoid medicine usually, but in this case I’d like to be able to swallow without pain 🙂

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