Conquering Injury & Marathons: Why You Should Vibe My Vibrams

Vibram FiveFingers Marathon RunnerIf you transition properly, barefoot “shoes” can be a game changer for your workouts and training.

I spent three years attempting to train for marathons only to be forced to acquiesce to the pain.  It was only after I started reading about minimal shoes and the connection that it creates with the runner’s body that I decided to buy a pair.

Like most modern athletes who train with a purpose – for a race, a pace or the physique – I was always on the lookout for the latest piece of gear that would give me that ‘edge.’   After Vibram FiveFingers came out in 2007, I decided shortly thereafter to give them a try.

A few words of advice when transitioning from regular running shoes to Minimalist (Vibram FiveFingers Specifically):

  • No matter what mileage you’ve built up to in normal shoes, your calves will HATE you if you take off for that long run within the first week or two.
  • Give your feet time to build up calluses on new areas of your feet.
  • Stretch your calves as soon as you’re done with your activity.
  • Remember that heel striking will cause great damage to your joints and muscles; always strike with the balls of your feet first. (Check out Vibram’s Barefoot Education)

To date, I have run 2 marathons, 6 half marathons and several 5ks – all while wearing my Vibram FiveFingers. It’s the connection to the ground and the feeling of strength my body gains from wearing these amazing “shoes” that keeps me mobile.  Stay tuned for updates while I train for my next long-distance, an ultra marathon.

Cheers to you athletes,

And may your race day be a breeze as you burn across that finish line!


6 thoughts on “Conquering Injury & Marathons: Why You Should Vibe My Vibrams

  1. Good post. I started out with Vibram I wore them out! They are great for transitioning to minimal shoes. I have realised that they do make your posture more upright and walk with a lot more “swag”.

      1. Yeah I have a gray pair of those New Balance. They make you feel like a Cheetah running in them. My only flaw with the Vibrams is they wear down in between the toes. So keep a watch out for that!

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