First time What-I-Ate Wednesday (WIAW #1)

WAW 8_21_13

So I’m starting this new thing.  People keep asking for nutrition advice, and I’ve been slacking.  Not on eating, of course… I love to pig out multiple times a day.  Most of the time it’s healthy-ish, sometimes I have a YOLO meal, but usually those are reserved for weekends 🙂

I got the inspiration from another blog called Peas and Crayons.  I’m not a nutritionist by any means, and am not perfect, so use this as you may.  If you’re having issues, seek the advice of a medical professional/nutritionist.  This is all just stuff I’ve come up with on my own, with self research, recipes from friends, and the good ol’ internets.  So here it goes…


Two eggs (free range, vegetarian fed), two strips of bacon (the no nitrites added kind of course), a few scoops of greek yogurt with cinnamon and berries, and some sauteed kale.  Just a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper, and my morning was made!

2013-08-14 11.08.15


A large avocado and some cherry tomatoes.  Just a little lime and sea salt on the avocado and my munchies were curbed 😉

2013-08-14 13.46.09

Dinner –

I got this super amazing recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Oh She Glows.  Quinoa and black bean salad.

2013-08-14 19.46.33

I MOBBED down on that quinoa.  Quick to prepare, delicious, and packed full of nutrients and protein!  I didn’t have any more avocado or bell peppers and I like a little bit more of a kick, so I added a couple of jalapenos, a few tablespoons of jalapeno juice, paprika, and chili powder.  Yummy!  So happy 🙂

2013-08-14 19.47.37

So this is gonna be a regular thing, and I look forward to sharing with you!


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