Get Motivated in 3 Steps

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Get Motivated in 3 Steps

by Kristi Hightower

A good friend of mine recently reminded me that “it does not matter that you go fast, it only matters that you GO.” Motivation can be a tricky beast and some days you just need to take a deep breath and start somewhere.

Follow these 3 basic steps to get motivated and clear the way for greatness!

  1. Make Space. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts.  They have made you doubt yourself too long and you no longer have use for them.

As an exercise, take 5 minutes and tune in to your mind. What does your inner dialogue sound like? Are you encouraging yourself? Or are you creating excuses and doubt?

Ask yourself: What am I holding on to that does not serve me? Make space in your bones and muscles; space in your heart; space in your mind. Start by deep breathing, maxing out the lungs on an inhale and releasing slowly and completely on an exhale. Lucid thoughts come when your body, mind and spirit are relaxed.  Go for a hike, paint, dance, cook, give something away or any other activity that positively affects you so you can be ready for the next step.

  1. Make Goals. What do you need to achieve? Don’t tread water about this. Only you know what’s on your bucket list..  These are ideas that keep popping up; the voice telling you to start your own business or the burning desire to go see Paris. Do not judge what you want to achieve, simply write it down.

  1. Build a Plan-of-Action. Now that you have the big picture, take your goals and work backwards from the little stuff.  An effective plan is in the details.  Nothing is too small to consider here.

Most goals begin with good habits. – Start small: be early to a meeting, workout a few extra minutes or perhaps, simply smile.

When you can clear your head, decide what you want and make a plan, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.

You are the ONLY THING stopping you from getting the job you want, the relationship you desire, or in my case, a blog post written about motivation. 😉

Cheers love,


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