I am moving this weekend!  Here are the ten best things about moving:

1.  I live in Texas.  Going to hydrate/sweat/detox lots of water this weekend!

2.  Moving boxes, piles of clothes, and furniture = great workout

3.  Encouraging people to LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS

4.  Finding out you have a great network of cool friends (finagling free furniture and people to help move)

5.  Once again, I live in Texas, so borrowing, renting and driving big ol’ trucks… (LITTLE GIRL IN A BIIIIIIG TRUCK!)

6.  Finding cool shit you forgot about

7.  Going through and donating shit you don’t need

8.  Figuring out new arrangements of furniture to make it all “fung shui” and whatnot

9.  New neighbors I look forward to meeting

10.  MOVING PARTY – free food and booze for anyone who helps me 🙂

2013-08-07 17.24.56

While waiting for the downstairs to be finished, everything went upstairs temporarily.  Gonna get a great workout bringing that stuff back down 😉

2013-08-07 17.25.08


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