Got a deck of cards? Let’s play. (No Equipment Home Workout)

I have not been blogging this past week… the fouth of July holiday got me out of the house and away from the computer.  Hey for a tan!

On that note, I celebrate the freedom of being able to take care of my body and health.  People in other countries are not as lucky as we are… to have access to great healthcare professionals, to be able to explore eastern and western medicine, and to have so many options on how, when, and where to exercise.

No excuses people.

Here’s a little workout to get you through hump day.  Take a deck of cards and get started.  Do as much as you can, but set a limit for yourself.  A certain number of cards or a certain time limit, and DON’T STOP until you reach your goal.


Sweating is sexy, haven’t you heard?  The workout sucks but the faster you get through it the sooner you get to rest 🙂


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