take me out to the ball game and why I love baseball







America.  Hot dogs on the grill, sun in the sky, and good ol’ American baseball.

Growing up in Texas and with an active family full of boys, we played sports.  Baseball, football, basketball, softball for the girls.  Little bit of tennis, golf.  Not that I was ever any good at any of them.  My athletic abilities left my coaches and teammates wanting.  I kept playing tennis, working out, running, and staying active, but switched to band.

Sports.  Can’t live with ’em….

2013-06-30 13.56.31

Baseball was big.  I mean all my brothers played.  My dad coached.  I even learned how to keep score and spent many a hot afternoon in the blistering sun root, root rooting away.

The best part of the game was listening to the banter between the boys, as they jabbered on about the way the umps were calling strikes, how the players are looking leaner since the days of juicing, and the occasional “I woulda hit that ball”.

It was a good game.  The Angels took the first hit, but the ‘Stros came back at the bottom of the 6th and tied up the game with a nice single from Brandon Barnes.  Until at the top of the 8th Josh Hamilton’s double.  Scoring on an error.  Very frustrating for the fans.

Yes, I did have to google what that meant.

It’s okay though.  The more I understand about the sport, the more enjoyable it is to watch.  I’m working on my football game… slowly but surely increasing my aptitude for the game and love for the pigskin.  Fortunately, I was watching with my dad.  He kind of enjoys explaining stuff.

As the crowd would react to the game, my quizzical expressions were quickly assuaged by my father’s thorough and well researched explanations.  King of DIY and self instruction.  Love it.

girls face paint

So if any of you boys have females in your lives and are looking to get them more interested in your favorite sport, here’s a couple tips for ya… just make sure they feel included in all the banter and explain some of that side chat.  Don’t get too engrossed in the game that you won’t answer a question… as annoying as it may be to hear “so WHEN is it a strike again?”, “what’s a pass ball?”, and “how do you know if its fair or not?”.

Women.  Can’t live with ’em…


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