You are effing awesome. Yes you are.

I woke up this morning feeling a little feisty and decided to do something I haven’t done in a while.

I looked at myself in the mirror, made eye contact, pointed and said:

You good lookin son of a gun, don’t you ever die!

Where did that come from, you ask?  This sales internship I did back in college that instilled  positive behavior and thought processes that I still use to this day.  Positive affirmations are one of them.

think positive

I always thought it was a little silly but I did it anyway, and once I felt the effects of what I was doing I was sold.  You may be a little more skeptical, but try it.

The key is to say things OUT LOUD.


You gotta learn to not take yourself so seriously.  Life is too short and beautiful to be under so much pressure all the time.


So make a list of 5 positive affirmations.  I want you to say eachone out loud 5 times today.  Make tally marks if you have to.  They can be short or long, general or specific, just make them yours.

Here are some of my favorites and places to dig for inspiration.

  • I am happy, healthy, and terrificno more stress
  • I’ll do my best, and forget the rest
  • I love myself and I love my life.
  • I speak and think positively
  • Additional positive affirmations by Prolific Living

Now say them OUT LOUD today, in the car, under your breath in the elevator, at the supermarket checkout line.

So what if people hear you.  They could probably use some positive affirmations themselves, so spread the light man.

Let me hear some of yours!


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