I’ll tackle your ass (Monday night flag football)

Boy my hip flexors are sore… I’m quite knackered.

Sunday, in my quest to spend a day outdoors, we initiated the day with brunch on the patio of a local spot and decided to head to a local watering hole with a semi-secluded beach. After getting our share of the water which was cool but not too cold, we headed back to the shore and tossed the football for a while. Ten minutes turned into thirty minutes which turned into an hour, and tossing the ball back and forth turned into running passes, a bloody knee, and one sprained finger.

2013-06-23 secret beach

Not to mention I’m on the beach with my swim suit trying to look all cute, and here I am red-faced, sweating profusely, with janky tomboy chins. Well played D.

Didn’t quite realize how much resistance the sand would offer, and how much of a leg workout that would be. Hot damn. Monday morning was fun.

So Monday afternoon was the third week of the strength cycle. Power cleans, front squats, and front pause squats. More legs.

2013 February front squats 02

Then our football game 6 hours later. Playoff game one. We only have 3 girls so that means no rest for the weary. That put us at a little disadvantage, seeing as how we have a “gender play” rule that a female has to have possession of the ball every third play. Noooooo pressure.

football catch outlineOn one of those gender plays the girls were tailing us so closely that when I broke away for a split second the QB tossed me a quick spiral. It was low, but as I dropped to my knees with my hands outstretched and elbows pinned together it sailed into my arms as I clutched it to my chest.
Win. Hopefully makes up for my three fouls of the game. The first, for pulling a girls shirt (hey, it was close to her flag), the second for tackling a guy (I wanted him to stop) and the third for pass interference (a concept I learned about after the game that day).

It was a close game up until the end. We were 5 points behind and there were 25 seconds on the clock, the other team had possession and it was a gender play. I was on my girl like white on rice, but we had an opening in our coverage and a girl on their team caught a pass in the end zone. Boom. We had 12 seconds once the ball turned over and made a couple valiant attempts to come back but to no avail.

2013-06-24 Flag FB montage

Time’s up. Lost by two damn points.


Well considering that aside from the games we played as kids in our cul-de-sac growing up, and tossing the ball around here and there, this was my first real football playing experience.

I’ve been watching the Texans for a couple of years and have been listening and asking questions, and it’s finally paying off.

It’s not happening overnight, but I’m learning the game of football, and becoming a decent player. The skills and concepts are coming. Now I barely ever close my eyes when I’m catching and I can actually catch the ball in motion.

So the next step is working on looking for the ball when I’m on defense. I had no idea I was supposed to do that, I really thought you were supposed to block them like a basketball player. Now I gotta turn over my shoulder and look for the ball mid-air while this little hussy is moving all over the place beside me? Pass interference can go suck it.


So this might not have been our season, but you have to start somewhere.

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone 🙂


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