Quoteable Quotes: Take Action

So it’s Thursday. Half my week has gone by and I haven’t accomplished nearly what I wanted. I am super sore from bench presses and a mini session of Leg Blasters yesterday so I feel pretty accomplished. In case you’re wondering what “Leg Blasters” are, think of jello legs. Yeah.

Squats. Lunges. Jumping lunges. Jumping squats. Then we ran 200 meters and came bask and do it all again. Five times for a mini.

Back to today.

What kind of action will you take today?

What will be the choices you make? Make them count. Make them with intent and purpose.


You aren’t going to stand still. Time moves, atoms move, everything moves. If you don’t consciously move forward you will let bad habits stick and let life and time pass you by. UTILIZE what precious little time we have.

Remember your OBJECTIVE.

Write down your GOALS.

Consciously form good HABITS. Every day.

Take responsibility for your ACTIONS. It is only then that you can change and become better.

Have an amazing day 🙂


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