and she scores! bringing the team to the playoffs (Flag Football)

We started the last game of the season in need of some TDs. If we were going to get to the playoffs, we would need a lot of points. We were in a 3 way tie for 4th, but because of a point based system we were in last.

My teammate Monty tells me we need about 50 points as we head towards the 20 yard line where the opposite team is waiting.

All right Monty, I’m on it.

I kid, I kid. Although I helped pull a bunch of flags and caught 2 of the 4 passes thrown to me, I did not personally score. One of the interceptions was from my own overzealous teammate and the other was a failed attempt from the opposite team.  Last game I caught a TD pass.

flag fb flag pull

The league I play in requires every 3rd play to use a female as “an operative player” in the game. In the leagues where the girls aren’t that good, the guys wait until that third play to throw it to them.

In our team, we have girls dominating left and right. One scored a few touchdowns, and the other played as QB for a quarter and threw 2 touchdown passes.

flag fb running

The final score? 52-6. Yes, I typed that correctly.  We rocked the house.

We  are going to the playoffs.

I need to practice…..


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