Happy Father’s Day to all my Dads out there

Well happy Sunday everyone!   I got back from my first camping adventure And a special Happy Father’s Day to all my dads out there.

father's day card

This post is dedicated to my dad and how he inspires me to be healthy on a daily basis.

As a family, we always played sports together and with friends, neighbors, and other family.  We had a membership to a health club and both of my parents participated in leagues.  At one point he ran in a marathon and I saw how much he trained ahead of time and how great (tired, but accomplished) he felt afterwards.  He set good examples of how to live healthy and how to work hard and live life with integrity.

This shows on a daily basis, when I wake up early for workouts I’ve committed to (to myself and others).  It shows during workouts, when I have to counts reps and I want so badly to just quit, but I keep going because I said I would.  I push because it’s what I’m supposed to do, and he taught me how to be coachable and when I have the focus and self-control, the ability to listen.

Thanks, Dad

2013- 03 iPhone 053
My aunt, Dad, and Me at my granddad’s old farm

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