The Ta Ta Tamer: Best Bras

All right everyone.  Today’s lesson is about the fact that men and women are built physically different and therefore have different needs that clothing has to cater to for both genders.

In this post, we’re talking about ta-tas.

2013-05-23 18.24.31 hello hair


– when women exercise, boobs move in a figure eight pattern

– breasts can bounce up to 5 inches in radius while in vertical motion

If you are female and have some jiggly parts attached to your chest, this message is for you.

Please don’t let them go “bouncey bounce”.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been running and seen girls coming the opposite direction that have so much movement going on upstairs that I almost want to stop them and say something.

Mainly, doesn’t that hurt?  I’ve had some bra-less jogging moments.  It does NOT feel good.

In addition, you are tearing connective tissue that WILL NEVER GROW BACK.  That means when gravity takes its nasty toll, your girls are going with it.  So protect what you got while you got it.

INVEST IN A GOOD SPORTS BRA.  THROW THEM AWAY WHEN THEY STRETCH OUT.  I’m not saying wear a bra 100% of the time.  I sure don’t.  Just be aware that when you run and jump with no bra, you’re doing some irreversible damage.

In shopping for sports bras, I tend to get quite frustrated. Coming across a name such as “Ta Ta Tamer” from Lululemon kind of puts a smile on your face.  I came across this bra at Lululemon which is known for good running and yoga clothes.

Tamer huh. That’s a rather large endeavor (excuse the pun).  I was skeptical but the encapsulated cup and ability to switch from parallel to criss cross straps were selling points.


Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer ii 

2013-05-23 back muscles 18.25.00


So I took this bad boy out for a spin.  Running, burpees, jumping jacks.  You name it, anything bounce-test worthy and I tried it.


5 stars

LIVES UP TO ITS NAME.  For yoga and other light impact sports, the parallel straps shown above were sufficient.  For any high impact, crossing the straps in an “X” worked best and provided enough support without the “uniboob” look that so many sports bras give.  I don’t have to sacrifice the shape to get the support I need.  There is plenty of room for adjustments in the straps, and the back had four sizes of snap closures.  In addition to the fact the bra is SIZED by cup (not small, medium, large, but a proper 36 C), the bra can be adjusted to fit a variety of body types.

I love this bra and I will probably buy more.   It is worth the money.  I haven’t found a better bra that is feminine looking and offers this much support… let me know if you have!


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