Go for a run

National Running Day.  Today, is it?  I know you’re excited.

It was also Personal Wake-up-at-5:30-for-my-5:30-Run Day.

Damn.  Now I kind of have to squeeze it in my day at some point later.  In between strength training and evening plans, my day is going to be a fun juggling act.  Getting the run out of the way in the morning would probably have been my best option.  Well, schuckle me timbers.

So if I procrastinate this much, why do I even do it?  Why do I run?   It seems the first 10 minutes is always a mental battle to convince myself that not turning around is my best option.

I run for my heart.  I run to feel the wind and the sun on my skin.  I run to be strong.  I run because I love myself.  I want to do good for my health, and treat my body well.

i run

Why do you run?  Make your badge here.


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