what color is your pee? (the importance of hydration)

the first official G0T F@cT? FRIDAY

How much water is enough?


Being dehydrated just 1% can cause a decrease in cognitive function of 5%.  Literally, being dehydrated can make you dumber.  Water is good.  It is useful.  It helps pump nutrients and waste.  Good stuff in, bad stuff out.  Helps regulate stuff like your body temperature.  Protects our cells and organs.

In addition to decreased brain function, you can also suffer from:

–          Fatigue

–          Headaches

–          Decreased metabolism (oh, no!)

–          Decreased energy

–          Increased stress in the body

Bad!  All bad!


Why water is awesome….

–          Regulate body temperature

–          Distribute nutrients

–          Clean away toxins

–          Increase skin elasticity

–          Helps manage acidity levels

Good!  All good!

So what can we do to make sure we are drinking enough?  The old 8 oz of water a day adage is not substantiated.  Now experts are saying take the what you way in pounds and divide it in half, that’s how much you should drink in ounces per day.  Athletes and more active people should go for about 2/3 their body weight.

But really though, the BEST hydration detector is your own body.  Yes.  Use your urine (it’s not gross, it’s just water, urea, and salts mainly) to gauge if you are drinking enough.  Almost clear…. You’re shooting (ahem) for almost clear with a tint of yellow.  Dark yellowish color means you need to drink more.  Ideally one should relieve oneself once every two to four hours.  Since athletes work out and sweat out sodium, it’s important to eat and drink foods to replenish excreted electrolytes.  Coffee and soda do count, although those types of drinks should be limited to one or two a day.  Keep in mind that the water in your food contributes to your daily intake, especially fruits and veggies.

I use this awesome hydration calculator  to estimate how much water I should drink on a day it’s going to be hot, or I’m exercising or drinking later that day.


–          Clear or light yellow urine

–          Relieve self once every 2-4 hrs

–          Drink fluids with electrolytes

  • Bananas
  • low-sugar sports drinks
  • coconut water

–          Food counts towards your water consumption – eat fruits and veggies!

  • Leafy greens, melons, tomatoes, watermelons, broccoli, apples, carrots, grapefruit

–          Estimate how much water to drink using a hydration calculator

So no, you don’t have to stress about measuring out your exact number of ounces to drink.  Get to know your body and the signs of dehydration.  Dry mouth and eyes, muscle cramping, dizziness, fatigue;  all side effects of dehydration.

Anticipate times you will need to be hydrated and drink 1-2 cups more water before, during, and after the event.  Hot days, sports event, or where you will be working at a moderate to vigorous pace for over an hour.

Of course the hippie in me wants to remind you to use your own reusable glass or plastic water bottles.  Ok I’ll stop.


  1. Do you think you get enough water?
  2. Can you tell when you are dehydrated?  What are the signs your body exhibits?
  3. Log your water intake for a week.  See what you actually drink.


The Quest for Hydration


3 thoughts on “what color is your pee? (the importance of hydration)

  1. Lets just say I have “Reserved Parking” in the restroom lol.

    When I am dehydrated, I feel it in my throat like nobodys business, so I make sure I take in at least a gallon a day. Since I workout 5-6 days a week, its closer to 2 gallons.

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