Moving on up, setting goals, and getting our piece of the pie.

Time tends to fly by us. I’m told it only seems to go faster when you get older.

Well, I’m set on making that time matter. As the days go by, I want them full. I want to be present in each moment, appreciating it for what it is, as I move on to the next. Then often I try to ask myself, what are you working towards. What is my objective?

I try to set goals to make sure I’m heading towards my accomplishments, and although not executed perfectly 100% of the time, they keep me on the right track.

“the right track”

I used to get the lecture about “staying on the right track” as a kid. Which meant back then staying away from “the bad kids” and getting good grades. Now it means having benchmarks so you don’t look back upon the last ten years and think what have I accomplished? Am I the same, worse, or better than I was ten years ago? Where was progress made, and where is there room for improvement. These are the right kind of questions to ask.

goals - achieve

And what is a goal anyway. A great quote by Jim Rohn puts it in perspective for me…

“The difference between goals and dreams are TIME FRAMES”

I like that. Sets a fire underneath your bum and and gets you to COMMIT. You want to do 10 regular pushups? Do 20 on your knees 5x/week. Check it off your list everyday. You want to run a faster mile? Mix up some sprints into your long interval/short interval days. You want to lose 5 pounds? Stop eating foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce and start using your time more efficiently; a 20 minute workout (which you can find plenty in my Training Videos page). [I will post a blog about how to use your time in your day to squeeze in fitness]

Back to goal setting. Here are a few things that work for me and some general guidelines.

smart goal setting concept

  1. Setting SMART goals: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely. I suggest setting weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. AND WRITE THEM DOWN!
  2. Be grateful that you can. There’s always someone out there that has it worse and is handling it better. I have the ability to workout, not I HAVE to workout. I GET TO workout.
  3. I workout in the morning but set the background on my phone to a motivational quote I looked up the night before. When I get up, my workout clothes are right by the bed and the first thing I see is that quote. Gets me up and out of bed before I have time to make excuses!
  4. Sign up and PAY for a race or fitness event a couple months in the future. Then you have something you can work towards. Invite a friend.
  5. Find a friend to act as an accountability buddy. Even if you have different friends for various activities that you do (Amy and Meagan are down for sports and outdoor activities, Kristi and I love running, most of my girlfriends do yoga, swimming with Lauren, Whit tried martial arts and pretty much every first date I take them hiking and swimming around my favorite places in town.

Take some time today to think about some goals and some small steps you can take each day to work towards them.


I’ll come back to this on 6/30/13 and we’ll see what we have accomplished. I’ll “show you mine” in my next blog so you can get an idea of what it means to make SMART goals.


2 thoughts on “Moving on up, setting goals, and getting our piece of the pie.

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