got a mud run soon? Train with this Obstacle Course Sandbag Workout

Anyone in training for an obstacle course race or mud run? Whats the difference you say, in OCRs versus a normal run?

Upper body strength is more necessary in races where you have to pull your body weight off the ground, such as the wall climbs in the Spartan and Tough Mudder. If there is any lifting, pulling, or pushing, you’ll need somore core strength.

Want to do a fun little interval drill that will get you ready?

I know the Texas Spartan Sprint is 2 days away. I know there’s tons of mud runs coming up this summer.  Don’t get left in the dirt, make sure you are prepared!

Get a “sandbag.” I know you have a backpack or duffel you can throw a couple water bottles and a towel in. Make it work. For beginners it doesn’t need to be much.

Beginners: 10-20 pound sandbag, 1 round (optional no sandbag)

Intermediate: 15-40 pound sandbag, 2 rounds

Advanced: 40-60 pound sandbag, 2-3 rounds

Get out there and get it done. Bookmark it so you can come back and do it again and again, adding weight and reps as you get stronger. Fuerte!

Add in some running and strength training a couple times a week based upon the fitness level required by your race (5ks vs marathons).


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3 thoughts on “got a mud run soon? Train with this Obstacle Course Sandbag Workout

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