a lovely day for a hike

I LOVE the weather in spring… and anything to do with the outdoors and the hills, lakes, and rivers around.  I’ve been kayaking and running.  The kind of stuff that makes being healthy fun.



A hike to one my favorite spots on the Barton Creek greenbelt was overdue.  I woke up Saturday morning with no agenda and found a hiking group going out so I decided to throw on some sunscreen, grab some water, and head out to enjoy this beautiful day.

I’m telling you, blue skies, green grass, 75 degrees… beautiful.

Here’s a website illustrating different greenbelt access points, as well as the map below.



Approximately 45 people showed up from the group Active Austinites.  All random cool people, some from Austin and some new to the area.  Some avid hikers, others not so much.  But all ready to explore the local outdoors with some good company.


We started off at the Camp Craft road entrance and headed down the familiar path towards my well known Sculpture Falls niche.

ImageAlas!  We headed off the main trail and came upon a little waterfall.  Depending on the rainfall, the water pressure can vary from a trickle to tumultuous.  It had just rained… Exercising caution on the slippery rocks, people and canines alike all managed to cross with no casualties.

I was very happy to have my Tevas on, as half the people in the group had to take off their shoes and risk the slippery rocks or suffer soggy sock syndrome the rest of the hike.

ImageThey aren’t the most attractive shoes, but what they lack in looks they make up for in practicality.  Perfect for the water crossing, when rocks are slippery and you need a good sole to grip.  Although they did leave me exposed to the elements, and some fire ants took advantage of the situation.

The rest of the hike was in uncharted paths off the trail and we got to climb some decent size hills.  Other than a minor run in with some barbed wire (that we mostly managed to avoid), the whole thing was organized well and went smoothly.  There were a couple of breaks where we could reconvene as a group, and all directions were communicated well.

Since there were so many people, it felt a little like follow the leader.  Especially when the terrain got rocky and more caution was required when passing through.  But the air of friendliness among the group made the challenges fun and passing the time enjoyable.


I plan on coming to more of these hikes.  I definitely plan on maxing out other people’s knowledge of the area I live in but still have so many places left to explore.


Time: approximately 3 hours, with breaks

Terrain:  some trail, rocky hills, rivers

Difficulty:  moderate

Guides:  excellent

Water level:  looks decent, flowing (south of Lost Creek north of Sculpture Falls)


Hopefully if we keep getting some more rain this summer it will last all season!


What are your favorite summer activities?

Do you enjoy exercising outdoors or indoors, and why?

Think about a time you went off the beaten path.  What did you learn?


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