To all my mother’s in the house

Mother’s Day.

Since this is a holiday I support but also a fitness blog, I will dedicate my post today to both my moms.  This is how they inspired me to live my life with such fervor for health and wellness.

ImageMy mom has always been my #1 fan and supportive of any endeavor I embark upon.  Her encouragement has given me strength during difficult times, and I am grateful to have her.  She shares my successes with the extended family, and I want to produce more and keep growing to show my family that the energy and resources they spent on me were appreciated.

It is easy to take for granted what we have.  In this materialistic world, we are surrounded by things we don’t have, and people who have more.  Yet the more we have, the more we want.  Try to have perspective… there are people out there with less and they aren’t complaining like you and me.

There is always someone out there who has it worse and is handling it better

Thanks for keeping me grounded, and for pointing out my strengths, and for loving me no matter what.

Dad and Allison - Sarah WeddingMy other mom led by example.  There was an underlying activity level within the household.  Kids did sports.  We went on bike rides as a family, played outside together, went on active vacations.  My parents ran a marathon.  I ate fast food so infrequently that the grease made me sick the few times I did.  Talk about instilling good habits at an early age!  I feel like I am lucky to have been exposed to a healthy lifestyle from childhood and to have parents who walked the walk.  One’s environment plays a huge part in their habits later in life.  I can’t take all the credit for living healthy, it was instilled upon me that was the correct way to live

Even today, my mom is still active and healthy.  We go to restaurants and she orders the salad “because she likes it”.  Although I still haven’t gotten her to a yoga class with me (one day….), it will always be something that brings us together.

ImageMy NANA.  Now talk about inspiration.  This woman is 85 years young and goes to the Y every morning to do her aerobics class.  I’ve seen her moves!  They use resistance bands and weights.  She talks about it as if it’s nothing… you should hear her talk about the 93 year old woman in her class.


I have a new goal…. I want to still be healthy, mobile, active, and hitting up the gym at that age.  I know the foundation of it starts right here, right now.  What I do today matters.  I know it will pay off.  I have proof right before my eyes.

What will you do today to build a strong, healthy body for your life?


I can’t take all the credit.  I have some good genes 🙂


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