Love the hurt

“The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care.”

These lyrics by the 90s rock band The Offspring pretty much emulates how my body feels right now. Walking up and down stairs is painful. That’s what weighted lunges will do.

I love it. So much. I love the ache, the soreness, the feeling that I did some work. My coach watches my form and bellows “good job, Dena, very strong!” Those are the moments of pride that help propel me forward. Past the moments of weakness when my mind says “I can’t” or the worst “I want to give up.” That’s when you gotta keep pushing. You are stronger than you think.

Forearms. Thighs. Glutes. Back. Feels so good. Even with a sprained toe I got a killer workout. My coaches modified a few exercises. No tire drags for me.. Shucks.

My body feels so tight I need a good hour of mobility this weekend. So important, yet such a neglected part of our fitness regimen. Foam rolling, rolling with baseballs or lacrosse balls, and spot strengthening drills will help you get stronger and help prevent injuries. Here’s a video I made with some tips on stretching properly before and after workouts.

But for today, it’s all about the hurt.

Oh the pain. I’m back 🙂


Sometimes in life the lows can seem endless and bottomless, but it makes you appreciate the ups that inevitably follow. Feel the emotion, acknowledge its presence, and choose to push through whatever challenge lies between you and your next opportunity.

You just have to be ready.

QUESTIONS – Let me know!
1. What motivates you to push yourself during a tough workout?
2. How you do loosen up sore, tight muscles?
3.   What goals are you working towards?


4 thoughts on “Love the hurt

  1. I look at exercise as playtime. This means it not a chore I look forward to it. A jamming playlist goes a loooong way too. My goal is doing things my future self will be thankful for.

  2. My goals are to generally do better at work outs then my friends. A good playlist is a must. As far as goals of working out I think it’s pretty simple: We all want to look good naked.

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