my karma uses jewish guilt

So this is what happens to me….. I skip a workout, then something happens where I get sick or physically injured and can’t do ANY workouts, and it’s my skipping-workout karma coming back to bite me.

It’s the “ahh, well I only planned on running 2x this week… miiiight as well be Wed/Fri so I’ll just sleep Monday….”

Famous last words.

How often does “stuff come up” during the week, and you end up skipping a lot more than one little Monday morning run….

If you can do it once, you can do it twice.

If you can do it twice, it can become a habit.

Now that can apply towards good and bad actions. Making it a habit to take the stairs and walk in between offices instead of sending emails, those are good habits. Getting fast food because you didn’t bring a healthy lunch, bad habit!


Skipping my Monday morning run and subsequently spraining my big toe in that evenings flag football game, I have been unable to do much of my usual activities. Like running.
The irony is not lost on me.

It has been three days.

RICE: Rest Ice Compression Elevation

Today I go back to my strength & conditioning gym Atomic Athlete and I CANNOT WAIT to get back in the gym.  I haven’t done much besides yoga and walking lately and I’m feeling antsy.  Janky toe be damned, there are always modifications.  I should do some PsycheTruth videos with exercises for people with injuries and arthritis…..

What type of injuries keep you from working out?


6 thoughts on “my karma uses jewish guilt

  1. There is a Yoga Maxim: “Your habits are invisible to you”. But I remember when I first started my “Quest” I would get pulled muscles in my right calf. Painful? yes! Come to find out I wasn’t stretching properly. But when I was in Miami last weekend I promised to do Yoga while I was there and ended up sun-burnt…

      1. Your welcome. Some people say you don’t need to stretch but I like it because it “pairs” my mind to my body before I start any activity.

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