motivation for a monday (cause sometimes it SUCKS)


Some people think that just because I talk about exercising and health and fitness stuff incessantly, that I’m in relatively decent shape and exercise almost every day that I magically hop out of bed in the morning, in one solid bound leap into running shorts and a sports bra, and before the rooster finishes his crow I’m bounding out the door, ready to get my fitness on.

Not exactly. Sometimes it comes easy and I have no problems getting to my classes and going on a quick run. But other times… I have relationships with procrastination and laziness that are personal, intimate, and lifelong.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit – Aristotle

What does that mean? There is a really thought provoking article on this quote that examines the difference between ACTING and DOING here. My interpretation of this quote is that one must make a decision every day to do the right thing, choose the high road, take care of your health, your family, and to be a good human being. Make a habit of making good decisions. One difference between successful people and those that allow failure to bring them down, is that both fail, but only one sees that failure as an opportunity to learn, and understands that to move forward means forgiving themselves and letting go, so they can be ready for the next opportunity.

Acting is a façade, a pretense designed to fool others but is lacking the most important factor. The resound strength of resilience, fortitude, and drive that comes from within.

XenaI am not always noble and gung-ho-Xena, Warrior Princess about working out. I am a big, sneaky, fat liar. I reward, trick, and rationalize with myself to prevent procrastination.

SO indecisive! I can’t tell you how many times “five more minutes” turned into the clock ticking past the last class of the night. Running clothes on, fiddling about as the sun goes down and the night is over before I’ve left the house.

Why is it so hard sometimes? Why do I have to psych myself out, pump myself up, just do get out of the house and do something good for my body?

So I result to connivery and manipulation.

– I do math and calculate how if I pay for the “unlimited” access then I have to go to class X times to pay Y amount per class… yada yada. I’m too “fiscally responsible” aka CHEAP to pay up front and lose out on the money.

– I sometimes let myself eat a donut after a good morning workout (the key here is ONE donut).

– I schedule workouts with friends. (Don’t wanna be the “flaky one”)

– I post on the social media sites of gyms and tell instructors and classmates I will be there. (Again, don’t wanna be the “flaky one”)

Since I travel, it’s hard to keep a consistent schedule (which invariably ends up as another excuse) so I write out a workout schedule each week to keep myself accountable and prevent my tendency to change my mind and be indecisive.

I put motivational quotes on my background of my phone at night, so when I wake up for a morning workout and prepare another justification of how I can “just workout later,”

I see thistrain life

Staring me in the face, making me feel like a giant wuss for being the lazy Betty who wants a little extra beauty sleep. So I get my lazy bum out of bed. Usually.

So if it’s so hard, D, then why do you do it?

Because I love being sore.

I love feeling STRONG, and being able to open my own damn jars.

I love accomplishing something and feeling like I’ve worked for it. A new PR, a record time, or just being able to be fully present in every moment and acutely tune in with your body. Alignment, form, technique. Active and present in every moment. Even in stillness.

Especially in stillness.

(Shavasna, the hardest of all the yoga poses…)

I challenge you today to be present in the moment. Appreciate it for what it is, let it go, and move on. Be present so you can be open and ready for your next opportunity.

What are some things that motivate you?


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