a healthy hiatus

10 days of holiday.  Well, 12 days if you count traveling.  12 days of no impact, no working out (well maybe a couple yoga classes), no running, weight lifting, kicking, punching, or going 100 miles per hour.

It felt great.  After months of working out regularly and up to the point of my vacation, sometimes even working out twice in a day, it felt so nice to have no obligations or expectations to lift a finger.  Spending time in London did involve quite a bit of walking, but my joints and muscles were loving the recovery time.  Sometimes we need a break.  We tend to over exert ourselves, push ourselves, and ignore ourselves.  The importance of tuning in to your body is underrated, and such an important part of one’s health and wellness journey through life.

Don’t you agree?

We have this ONE body… and so often we are drowned by the demands this modern world place upon it.  Granted, I’m at the point where I’m getting a bit antsy and am looking forward to returning to my normal schedule and exercise routine, but this was a much needed respite.  Tomorrow will be 12 hours on a plane and the next day, back to the daily grind.  Today is a gift of rest.  I will appreciate this moment.

You should too.

yoga retreat

How do YOU unplug?


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