Who has TIME to be healthy?

Finding time for health and fitness….

I am not lazy. I CAN be lazy, but am generally pretty active. So why does it feel like excuses when I blow off a run or grab fast food when I have a cram packed schedule with a 40 hour traveling work week, family and social obligations, and finding time for sanity. Chopping veggies takes longer; planning dinner takes time and energy. Today at 3 PM CST I have a podcast with the YouTube channel Psychetruth covering topics about FINDING TIME for health and wellness, and how to stay motivated.


What ways do you work health and fitness into your life? Corrina Rachel and I will discuss how to make exercising and eating healthy work for your busy schedule. Come join us 🙂


Log into the podcast to ask your questions live or leave a comment and let me know what would help you!


2 thoughts on “Who has TIME to be healthy?

  1. I am a college student taking a full-course load (actually over a full-course load), with a job and a research assistant position. I am involved in three organizations on campus and I am training for a half-marathon. I definitely know what it is like when you say you are busy; but if you don’t have time to fuel your body properly, everything else will fall apart. Use the weekends to prep food and portion out for the week. When I have a really busy week, I will make a big pot of soup on on the weekend and eat it instead of grabbing that nasty fast food.

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