Austin 10/20 Expo – Music and Miles

Can I have some more swag please?

Spartan Street Team – making things happen

Race Expo Weekend!  The Austin 10/20 is this Sunday April 14…. Ten miles, twenty bands.  Austin knows how to do a race right.  I’m working the conference at the Spartan booth, sharing the love for mud and OCR.  This looks like a really fun race and if I wasn’t leaving for my yoga retreat next week I would want to run.



We are sitting in a booth across from Oatmega bar and some raw kombucha soda (yum)… getting free water bottles from insurance companies… sunscreen and “anti-chafing” cream from another company.  Too bad spibelt isn’t giving away anything free.  Those are so cool.

Oatmega Bar Girls!

I also got the hook up with a “complimentary nerve system analysis” from Maximized Living and the chiropractor pretty much told me if I keep doing what I’m doing I’m pretty much guaranteed to have arthritis.  He had some device that measured the spinal pressure around my neck and on the screen displaying my vertebrae there were RED highlighted spots EVERYWHERE.  Red is bad, and blue is good.

Granted, everyone at a tradeshow is there to sell their product or market their ideas, and he did a damn good job of marketing my future thoracic damage.  From his experience he says most active women he sees start seeing the affects of a lifetime worth of physical activity around the age of 43-47.  Well shuckle me timbers.  I kind of want to give it a shot but of course I’m wary of people trying to tell me stuff.  But as someone who believes preventative care is key to long term health, it might be something beneficial.  The doc suggested coming in for an evaluation followed by a treatment plan utilizing adjustments and self physical therapy to strengthen and realign the spine.

Does anyone else have experience with chiropractors?  Any thoughts/opinions?


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