I see London, I see France…

Off to a good day today folks!


3 weeks into my second strength cycle and I PR’d on my power squat clean.  90 pounds!  *Rocky music playing in the background*  And I bench pressed 100 lbs – but its hard to count that as a PR when it was really 75 pounds of weights and 25 pounds of chains, which gets lighter at the bottom so it’s not exactly the same.

I do not have a picture of me doing either of those movements, but here’ s a picture of something else.

Box Squats!  Love them.
Box Squats! Love them. @atomicathlete



I feel like a badass nonetheless.

I love the strength cycles.  Compared to stamina and work capacity I always feel like I need to do a little extra cardio outside the workouts, but I enjoy the focus on the technique of the lifts.  And I enjoy lifting big girl weights and feeling like a badass. 🙂

I never used to think it was important until the past year or so.  I have heard that you lose 1% of muscle mass per year after the ripe ol’ age of 30.  The most effective way to combat that is by weight bearing exercises.  Walking, yoga, hiking… these are all good, but my favorite by far is strength training.

lululemon symbol

So I HAVE to jump on the bandwagon about the lululemon see through pants fiasco.  To those of you who have not been paying attention, Lululemon is a  clothing chain that sells athletic clothing geared towards running and yoga.  They are notoriously expensive but very high quality.  I love mine… they have some sort of fabric combination that accentuates the right places.   Apparently, a shipment came in where a few leggings were a little too thin in the crotchal region.   


lululemon see through


So a couple pairs of pants were too thin.  Manufacturer error.  Let them recall the items, take a look at their SOP’s, make some adjustments, and move on.  They fired the woman responsible for the mishap.

Everything I have purchased from them has been well made, and last longer than the cheap knockoff leggings.  I’ll attest to the Under Armour, Nike DriFit, Colombia, and other brands that are more expensive but more durable.  If I plan on using the item more than once, it’s worth investing in clothes and gear that will make the experience better.


Even if all “making the experience better” is just making your butt look really, really good.


Which brings me to my final point:


Everyone is loving this yoga pant debacle, but long time questions are resurfacing.  Should people be wearing that stuff outside of a workout setting anyway?  Hmm.   (I wear them all the time)


Anyway, after a great start and 2 PR’s this morning I feel capable of being SUPER productive today.




Do you set goals when you work out?  What are benchmarks in your workouts that you set for yourself? 


2 thoughts on “I see London, I see France…

  1. Dena! You’re killing it! I’m not doing crossfit but have been doing a training plan called 5×5 and LOVE IT! I have been Bodyrocking for 3 months and I’ve been running for years! I Love lifting weights and love that some one I know (a girl) does too! It’s very rare to find women in the back of my gym lifting heavy! I’m excited I found your blog! Oh and on the LuLu Lemon debacle… I’ve just bought some Avia pants that have the same issue… I spent $12 on them at TJ max and I just wear black underwear with em. I too wear yoga clothes ALL THE TIME because it fits my nanny/ online student/gym rat lifestyle. lol Glad to see you well!

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