Are YOU Tough Enough? 3 tips on training for a mud run



During last year’s training for the Spartan I THOUGHT I knew what I was getting into.  I thought, hey, I did the Warrior Dash (Fall 2011).  I can do this Spartan thing.

I underestimated the difficulty level just a tad…

Had to do burpees. 2012 Spartan Sprint

It was around 5 miles and the course was technically as well as physically challenging.  If you don’t complete the obstacle correctly you have a punishment of 30 burpees before you can move on.   Brutal!

So needless to say I was a little under-prepared.  My time ende up being 1 hr 43 min and I knew I could do better.  I started doing Crossfit in July of 2012 and switched to a similar type of gym doing strength and conditioning.  The  workouts are tough, but they are effective at making athletes stronger and faster.

Perfect training for OCR!

So the Spartan Sprint again?  I know what I’m in for.  And this time I’m (more) prepared.  It will still be a challenge.

Overall, what I remember most distinctly is crossing the finish line… battered and bruised, tired and sore, but triumphant.

Spartan Sprint 2012 Finish Line

Been working on my burpees too!

So how should you train for a mud run?

  1. Run.  Be able to run at least the distance of the race.
  2. Start adding in obstacles every so often… Throw in some mountain climbers, burpees, jumping squats.  If you can find some pull up bars, definitely do pull ups!
  3. Grab a backpack or duffel bag, stuff it full, and start exercising with it!  Do some hill runs carrying it, see if you can run or do sprints with the extra load.

Vary up your training, but also understand that if you are not in the competitive heat, people will help you.  They will encourage you.  They will be there to support you and everyone who is out there is treated like the courageous awesome BAMF that they are.

I also have YouTube videos that show good workouts to do for prepping for an Obstacle Course race.  Check them out HERE.

Check out this awesome post from blog about BURPEE variations!  She nails it, from beginner to advanced.

After completing the Spartan Sprint, I signed up for the Tough Mudder in October of 2012 and the Spartan Beast in Dec 2012.  Way to end the year.  Click on the links for reviews of those crazy races.

For anyone who wants to sign up for the Spartan, you get a discount if you use the code below.

Have you done a mud run?  Thinking of doing one?  Tell me about it!

Till next time folks!


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