Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to step on the scale…

ITS FRIIIIDDAY!  *Does happy dance*

It’s supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees this weekend!  Hooray.  I love how the weather decided to have all the rain and cloudy grey skies during my work week and the clear sunny skies on my weekend!  I cannot wait until summer.  And after the rain we have been having the past few days, I hope the dried up rivers have been rejuvenated slightly.

Hiking will be fun!  There are so many unexplored places….

So have you heard?


You Pay What You Weigh… 

Samoa Air services the South Pacific area and has begun charging passengers based upon their weight.  Is it a coincidence that they are the sixth fattest nation in the world (America comes in at number nine).  While we have been paying for baggage for years and some airlines have employed multiple seat rates for overweight passengers, are we as a society ready to get on the scale with our baggage when we check in?

I think it’s kind of fair? (Don’t hate me for saying that). People  have to pay for extra weight on their luggage too… in a storage unit you are renting space.  On an aircraft you are renting weight.

Here’s the elephant in the room… maybe it would be some incentive for people who could use a little motivation to work out?  The rise in obesity that our country has seen is frightening.  Now that the world is becoming westernized, they are also taking on the consequences of our lifestyles.  Who is responsible for the rising costs of healthcare?

[Insert your opinion here]

[That means comment or email me :-P]


The human body is a beautiful thing.  We should appreciate it and do what we can to treat our bodies right.  It’s the only one you’re gonna get, and trust me, it doesn’t get any easier as you get older.

*Insert creaking of bones, wearing thin of cartilage, aching of joints*


 Yeah whatever I’ll still be working out 🙂

So I have to change my schedule this week to accommodate my decision to participate in 13.5 in the Crossfit Open.  Modifications are below:

Monday –  Atomic: Strength W2D1 (DONE)

–          Caroline Collective:  Yoga with Jessica Knapp (DONE)


Wednesday – KRAV (DONE)

Thursday – KRAV                  Atomic (DONE)

–          Run 2 mi

–          Mobility (DONE)

Friday    – Mylo Fitness: OCR Fitness

–          Atomic: Strength W2D2         CrossFit Open WOD 13.5

Saturday – KRAV or Spartan Workout (RunAtx)

–          Run 3-4 mi

Sunday – mobility

–          Yoga

–          Run 1-2 mi

Have fun plans for the weekend?  Try activities that also double as a calorie burner such as going dancing, walking in the park, going on a bike ride… thoughts?

Have a great day!


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