Until now, I haven’t been engaging in the CrossFit Open workouts.  After seeing the first posted workout, I got psyched out.  The thought of a 75 pound snatch after 40 burpees sounded insane.  I know I could probably scale down but I used it as an excuse to skip it.

But I’ve had some time and every time I see a Facebook post or Google article for the open, I get a twinge of jealousy.  The feeling has built up and I have been checking the games website all day waiting for the announcement of the workout.  Like a child anxious to receive his first of several birthday presents, if those presents made him do physically exhausting exercises that make people see stars and sometimes regurgitate prior meals.

There’s also a 49 year old woman at my gym competing in the Masters division, and I feel like a slacker bum sitting on my butt checking on other people’s progress.  13.5 here I come!

4 Min  AMRAP

65 pound thrusters, 15 reps

15 chest to bar pulllups

Always do what you are afraid to do – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ll have to modify the pull-ups and do jumping pull-ups or ring dips or something.  I’m really excited!  I have been working with a strength and conditioning gym and am ready to put my Crossfit hat back on, bust out an AMRAP, and see where I stand in the realm of box jumps, wall balls, and kipping pull-ups.


Is anyone else doing the Open workouts?  Post your scores and what box you rep 🙂


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