April Fools. No I really do, I just tell myself I LOVE RUNNING instead. The power of tricking yourself (or as I like to refer to them as “positive affirmations,” are a highly effective form of motivation. When said out loud, they work because although you may be lying, you cannot think a negative thought while saying OUT LOUD a positive one. Try it.

SO HAPPY FREAKIN MONDAY! Started off this morning with week 2 of the Strength Cycle; always a great way to start off the week 
1RM Squat Clean @ 80lbs… same as 2 months ago but my form is definitely improving
Bench Press @ 70lbs w 2 chains (approx 95 lbs total) – NEW PR!!!
Technique comes first. I need to jump shrug… “JUMP DENA, I NEED YOU TO JUMP!” says coach, as I muscle up every lift.
The other girl working on the bar hit a new PR on squat cleans today. I have to remember I’ve been lifting for less than a year and I can’t be too hard on myself when I don’t hit the weights I want to be. I’ll use her as motivation to keep working hard.
Here’s a parody dance workout video that’s so ridiculous you’ll get an ab workout just watching it. Also it’s a pretty intense workout if you actually do it 
Workout Schedule for the week:

Monday – Atomic: Strength W2D1
– Caroline Collective: Yoga with Jessica Knapp
Wednesday – KRAV or Workout with Friend
Thursday – KRAV
– Run 2 mi
– Mobility
Friday – Mylo Fitness: OCR Fitness
– Atomic: Strength W2D2
Saturday – KRAV
– Run 3-4 mi
Sunday – mobility
– Yoga
– Run 2 mi
– Mobility

What’s your best motivation to start the week right? Comment and let me know!

TRY the workout in the video. You’ll be surprised.


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