a healthy hiatus

10 days of holiday.  Well, 12 days if you count traveling.  12 days of no impact, no working out (well maybe a couple yoga classes), no running, weight lifting, kicking, punching, or going 100 miles per hour. It felt great.  After months of working out regularly and up to the point of my vacation, sometimes … More a healthy hiatus

Taking it easy

Hitting PAUSE It’s important to set goals.  To have something to work towards inevitably makes the monotony of daily tasks less arduous.  I’m also more likely to get my butt out of bed to run if I know there is an impending race deadline. This holiday, I’m taking a break.  A much needed respite from … More Taking it easy


80 degrees and sunny today. Instead of writing a blog post, I am going to: GO OUTSIDE. I suggest you do the same. If your weather is not as accommodating, I’m sorry. Check back with me in 3 months and you won’t be jealous anymore. GO OUTSIDE ANYWAY.

Off the Mat and Into Your World: 5 Takeaways from Yoga

YOGA. I love yoga and all its benefits, which I won’t go into today.  Lots of folks have hopped on the yoga bandwagon, as brands like Lululemon and stores like Walmart and Target are recognizing the trends and pumping out cute workout gear and everyone seems to be toting a spare yoga mat in their backseat. … More Off the Mat and Into Your World: 5 Takeaways from Yoga