Running with the Lights

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone

You shine it when I’m alone


This should be fun.  Some friends and I are doing the glow-in-the-dark paint thing.  This will be my first race without obstacles.  EVER.  My first race was the Warrior Dash and then I went straight into the Spartan series.  Speaking of the Spartan… who’s excited for this year’s race season?  Did anyone see Ella Kociuba rocking the cheetah fade in the North Carolina Sprint.  Loved it.  That girl is such a beast… inspiration for those cold mornings that I don’t want to sacrifice the warm embrace of my bed for the harsh frigid outdoor air.


Everything will be glow in the dark, so dress accordingly.  Beginner level 5k, will be a mix between people walking and running.  GO CRAZY! GET GLOWSTICKS and NEON CLOTHES and enjoy dressing up.  It’ll be nice and 65 degrees tonight so get CREATIVE people 😀

ALSO, life update:

I am very excited about the yoga retreat in Morocco with my sister a few weeks from now.  It will be a welcome reprieve from all this training and very little yoga.


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