Hello, accountability partner!

Why am I doing this?  Why am I dusting off this blog from a year of inactivity and giving it a go?  A couple reasons….

  1. I need to be held accountable for my training, and sometimes I listen to the voice on my shoulder telling me to “sleep in” (I’ve been told he goes by Mr. Mediocrity).  But if I have to write it ON THE INTERNET then I’m probably less liable to hit snooze and more likely to get my butt out of my warm bed in my freezing cold room and face the darkness of dawn.  I know I will never regret a workout, but the feelings of regret when you tell someone you are going to do something and you don’t do it FAR OUTWEIGH the discomfort of getting out of bed.
  1. I know it’s mighty forward for me to think, but maybe I can motivate some people out there to challenge themselves and make progress in their journey towards a healthy lifestyle.  Not that I’m perfect, of course.  Sometimes people ask me questions in daily life, and this would be a good place to put the answers.  I’ve heard coaches say different things work for different people.  Reading motivational quotes, hearing inspirational stories of normal people overcoming hardships, and the voice that calls out to go one more rep… to give the last round your most effort, to sprint the home stretch at the end of a run.  The voice that says “I can and I AM”, that says “I can give a little more”.  Those are the voices in my head that I listen to.
  1. I love this stuff.  All this health and wellness, nutrition, all the arguments between methodologies, the innovations in the science and technology.  But mainly for the dirty grind… the feeling of limpness in your arms on the steering wheel on the drive home from the gym, the sweat drenched high five after a heart pumping session.  Knowing that you’re putting in work now that will pay off in the future.

How do you hold yourself accountable?  What keeps you consistent in your workouts?Image


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